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Hope On Water  



Hope on Water




We believe a little bit of hope goes a long way. And a whole lot of fun doesn't hurt either!  By removing these families from the environment of hospitals, chemotherapy, hard conversations, and sad surroundings and placing them aboard the Margarittville at Sea we are able to add a ray of sunshine to their lives at a very challenging time. We have witnessed this program reconnect and reinvigorate these families in a very special way.

CBC realizes the entire family suffers when there is a diagnosis of this magnitude so the Hope on Water program makes every effort to ensure that the siblings and parents are also treated to some much needed fun and relaxation while aboard the ship. Thanks to Margarittville at Sea they are treated to every amenity the ship has to offer.


Each Hope on Water experience is tailored to meet the unique needs of the CBC family sailing.

In Memory of Mackenzie Grace Gonzalez
The first Hope on Water child.


Hope on Water Testimonies....

"This was the vacation of a lifetime where we were constantly treated like celebrities. We are so thankful for people who allowed us to look at cancer as a perk! We have incredible memories that will last and last...especially when memories are all we have left of our sweet Becca."  

"Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover. " (Mark Twain) 
 ...Heartfelt thanks to Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line for allowing us to do just that at a time when our  spirits needed to soar. -The Wagner Family
"The hope on water trip is our first cruise experience. It turned out to be one of the most memorable moment in our life. The crew members and the management of Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line made us felt so special in any ways." Diane Ortiz

"I don't think one day has went by that I didn't think about our trip and those wonderful memories. It wasn't just a trip to a beautiful place it was the people and our time together as a family that was and still is important to me as a mother. I don't believe words can express how grateful we are and will always be. Nick had is last birthday on that ship the picture hangs on my refrigerator. Everyone treated us like family, we felt like family. The prayers, hospitality and warm hugs every where. Getting to spend so much time together in a cabin can either be good or bad :) for us it was awesome. No work, no cell phone, just us as a family. I believe in my heart Nick is in a wonderful place now and I have all the memories of his 15 years stored, but the memories and moments from our trip are truly some of my most visited and favorite. It was a blessing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Much love and prayers to you and yours."  Tabitha Patrick

"On Behalf of The Roach Family, The Hope on Water trip was a BLESSING to us. It meant the world to us to see my son take his first cruise. Just looking at my son as he entered onto the ship from day 1 with the glow in his eyes with excitement. We had royalty treatment from the Captain, Co-Captain to the ship crew. We would like to thank everyone with Bahamas Paradise Cruise and CBC for making this happen for our family."

"Our trip with CBC on the Bahamas Paradise Cruise was so special and is a treasured memory for our family.  The wonderful staff took such great care of us that we were able to enjoy family time together without worrying about the little things.  Everywhere we turned, our daughter, as well as our son, was treated like royalty.  That was greatly appreciated because cancer hurts the whole family not just the patient.  We left feeling like there were people out there that do care about us and what we were going through.  We are so grateful for that time!" Jessica Buchanan

"The Hope on Water cruise came at the perfect time.  Our son had been battling cancer for two years and we were all weary.   The distance from the hospital, fresh air and amazing kindness showed to our family from the crew was just what the doctor ordered.  What impressed us the most was the attention shown to the entire family.  The siblings were as spoiled as our son and my husband and I so appreciated the special time alone at the spa.  Thank you for your amazing kindness and generosity." CBC Family




If you are interested in becoming a Hope on Water Family, learning more about our program or sponsoring our Hope on Water families in any way please contact our Hope on Water Coordinator.














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